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    If you want to find cats in images, you need to train an image recognition algorithm with thousands of images of cats and thousands of images of backgrounds that do not contain cats. Needless to say, this algorithm can only understand objects/classes it has learned. Changed Technology: Today we have shifted our technology from analog […]

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  • How To Evaluate Any Cryptocurrency

    How To Evaluate Any Cryptocurrency

    As a storage option, you can also consider cryptocurrency savings accounts which pay interest on your crypto. According to public blockchain data, Celsius’s problems date back at least to December, when it lost $54million worth of bitcoin it had purchased with DeFi platform BadgerDao. Mashinsky claimed that Celsius had lost money at the time but didn’t disclose […]

  • Types of Weed and Their Effects

    Types of Weed and Their Effects

    Although the science behind marijuana is still a mystery, some research is beginning to provide some insight into how it affects the body. Due to the potential effects that cannabis can have on the brains and nervous systems of those under 25, health officials are worried about teens vaping cannabis. After controlled smoking, vaporization, and oral cannabis […]

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  • 6 Top Vulnerability Management Tools And How They Help Prioritize Threats

    6 Top Vulnerability Management Tools And How They Help Prioritize Threats

    Detectify which was established in 2013 it offers external management of attack surfaces. In addition, it facilitates the identification, assessment and prioritization of the company’s threat surface Detectify collaborates with hackers who are ethical and can provide their findings for its scanning system in short than 15 minutes. Re-evaluate and adjust priorities continuously and on an ongoing […]